Retail Services

Please feel free to visit our 2000 square foot showroom to see our large selection of monuments and accessories.

 Here you can find a variety of monuments in all shapes and sizes and a variety of design ideas. One of our helpful associates will be able to assist you to create a special monument to memorialize your loved one or help with your post installation services. 

 Post-installation services include final inscriptions, memorial cleaning and memorial re-setting. A final inscription is the process of engraving a "final" passing date on a memorial for a loved one whose name was inscribed the memorial, but had not yet passed away at the time of installation. When you are ready to have a final date (usually the year or month-day-year) inscribed on a memorial, we will send a skilled engraver to the cemetery with special on-site sandblast equipment and stencils to match your existing font and complete the job.

Sometimes prior to completing the final inscription it is necessary to remove the characters "19" from the stone to accommodate a death date after the year 2000. We have two methods for salvaging the existing memorial, one involving a patching and grinding process, and the other, inserting an entirely new panel into the memorial. Please don't hesitate to call or email us if you would like more information or need to place an order for a final inscription.

Any type of memorial (granite, bronze, or otherwise) that is exposed to weather and elements for long periods of time is bound to get dirty. Over time granite monuments may become stained from dirt, grass clippings, leaves, moss, fungus, etc. and bronze markers will oxidize. Gaydos Monument Company has special cleaners and methods to revive and refurbish bronze and granite monuments and once again bring about its natural beauty. We are more than happy to perform an inspection of your memorial and quote you for our cleaning services... call or email us today. Ground movement, weather, erosion, etc. have the potential to move a memorial over time. If your memorial is sinking or has moved out of alignment, Gaydos Monument Company can re-set your memorial to re-level it and/or bring it back into alignment. In some extreme cases where the cemetery footer beneath the memorial is suspect, the old footer can be broken out and a new footer poured in to limit further movement of your bronze or granite monument over time.

If your memorial is crooked or appears to be sinking, then it probably needs to be reset... please don't hesitate to call or email us to take advantage of our resetting services.

Paul Unruh

Paul Unruh has served in the family bereavement and death care industry for thirty-six years.  Many of those years were spent with family service in the cemetery field and also with Gaydos Monument Company. Paul takes great pride and satisfaction in helping families design a special monument to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Mark Gaydos

Mark Gaydos is a third generation family member and has worked at Gaydos Monument Company since 1999. He has spent many years learning traditional methods of monument layout and fabrication and installation. Currently Mark is handling retail sales and carries on the Gaydos tradition of providing excellent customer servicehelping families choose a monument that is as unique and special as their loved one.