Granite Cemetery Memorials



Gaydos Monument designs and builds granite cemetery memorials; custom built to your specs or a unique piece from our extensive, on site inventory.  We produce memorials of all shapes and sizes, from small flat markers to large estate memorials and mausoleums.  


At Gaydos Monument we have the ability to fix damaged memorials.  From vandalism, lawn mowers and other heavy equipment, cars, natural disasters and the simple wear and tear from the elements. We have the ability to cut, polish and even reshape existing memorials in order to save them from being replaced. 



Do you have an existing memorial you wish to add or subtract names and information? We can remove existing lettering and design, polish and re-use old memorials for a current need.


The ground in cemeteries is always moving due to the nature of interment. With this never settled ground comes movement of existing memorials and their foundations; out of level, out of line and possibly even falling over. If you have a monument that looks like it’s not where it should be or where it once was in the cemetery, we can help. We can re-set, re-position and even re-pour the footer if necessary. Every situation is different and will require a site visit to determine costs.



We sand blast final dates on site during the summer months. Costs vary depending on lettering style and location of the cemetery. 


Gaydos monument can produce sculptures of all types. From an angel on a cemetery memorial to a civic project honoring a person with a life size sculpture, we have done it.