Accessories add a personal touch to your monument.

Gaydos Monument Company offers a number of memorial accessories, so that you can further personalize and enhance the beauty of your memorial with your own monument design


Porcelain Photos

Porcelain Photos are an additional product which can be attached or inserted into your granite monument. 

Monument Portraits are photos and porcelains that can be reproduced in GENUINE porcelain for an everlasting tribute to your loved one. You may also use your own religious pictures or portraits, and we can turn them into fine colored memorials.  Different shapes, gold fillet borders, and raised edges are available.

Whether you wish to memorialize one or two people, or choose a heart shape, or wish to colorize an older photo, Gaydos Monument Company is here to assist in any way we can. Just ask, and we'll let you know the possibilities available to create a lasting memorial.


Photo Etching Inserts

Gaydos Monument can etch a treasured photo on to a memorial by using our in-house laser etching machine. 

This state-of-the-art computerized machine can replicate any photo precisely onto a granite monument up to four feet long.* The image is transferred to a robotic arm with a laser attached to it that goes back and forth across the face of the stone creating a detailed etching. By providing this service rather that outsourcing the laser etchings like most granite companies, we are able to save on production time and money, therefore we are able to pass on the savings to our clients. * (Note that the quality of the photo determines the quality of the etching.) 

-Editing, cropping or enlargements of photos and touch-ups can be provided by our art department.

Photos of loved ones can also be laser etched into rectangular, heart-shaped, or oval black granite panels and inserted into any color memorial. The inserts come in a number of sizes and are bonded into recessed panel on your memorial so they cannot be removed.

*See a video of our in-house laser machine below.


Bronze and Pewter Accessories

Gaydos offers numerous bronze and pewter accessories to adorn your memorial and monument design, such as roses, crosses, veteran emblems, etc...

Bronze and pewter accessories can be installed directly into your granite memorial or base and come in various sizes.


Vases & Plinths

Gaydos Monument Company has a number of options for you, should you wish to add a vase or vases to your memorial monument to hold flowers.

We can provide you with beautiful polished, turned (round) vases, matching the granite color of your memorial that can be installed directly onto the base. Gaydos Monument Company also designs square tapered granite vases with numerous finish options (rock, sawn, polish, etc.) and other custom shapes and styles.

We also offer pewter and bronze vases and other metal composite vases that can be attached to a memorial base or plinth. Many of these style vases are invertible -- they can be purchased with an in-ground canister allowing you to turn them upside down for protection.


Granite Corner Posts

Granite corner posts are granite blocks installed at the corners of grave, usually just at the head and sometimes at all four corners of a grave.

Granite corner posts can be ordered to match any granite color and may also be engraved with an initial.