Mausoleums and Columbariums


For those families preferring entombment to interment, Gaydos Monument Company offers private family mausoleums.  

Mausoleums are above ground granite structures or buildings for memorializing a family in cemeteries or private estates. Mausoleums allow families to entomb their loved ones in crypts above ground, in a beautiful, private and sheltered place.

Gaydos Monument Company stocks a variety of two-crypt non-walk-in granite mausoleums that are always available to view at our headquarters in Canonsburg, PA. Gaydos can also design and custom order three-plus-crypt granite mausoleums with a variety of beautiful architectural options, in a variety of colors and with a variety of engraving options.

Gaydos Monument Company can design and install preassembled or site-constructed walk-in mausoleums.  These designs range from very simple 3-crypt granite mausoleums to extremely large and elaborate multi-crypt mausoleums.  A variety of granite colors and styles are available and we have a diverse selection of bronze door styles and stained glass windows to choose from. Both the interiors and exteriors of walk-in mausoleums may be sandblasted engraved with carvings and letterings. All of our granite mausoleums are constructed with the utmost care and highest quality materials to ensure longevity.


For entombment of urns with cremation ashes (cremains), Gaydos Monument can provide both private family columbariums with a small number of niches and we also construct larger garden columbariums for cemeteries who which to accommodate the growing number of cremation entombments.

These larger columbariums usually accommodate at least 48-crypts and as they get larger they can be configured in a variety of shapes such as hexagonal or octagonal. Gaydos can also drill cremation holes with lids in the granite monument dies, bases or benches to accommodate individual families who prefer private entombment to public columbarium entombment.