About Us

What is a Family Memorial?

Gaydos Monument Company has been crafting family memorials to stand the test of time for three generations.  A family memorial is a granite monument, and it is also often called a cemetery memorial, headstone, gravestone marker, or tombstone.

A family memorial is typically placed in a cemetery at the head of the grave (which is where the term headstone comes from) to commemorate a family member or loved one.  The family memorial could be decorated with a monument design to make the gravestone marker unique and memorable to your family.


Why Granite?

Family memorials are typically made from granite. It is an ideal substance for monumental works because of its beauty and durability.

 Granite is a very hard igneous rock mined from deep in the earth and it is actually the second hardest natural substance known next to diamonds. Granite comes in many different colors and grains, and is excellent for showcasing engravings and/or etchings that we can create from your own monument design.


How do I pUrchase a Cemetery Memorial?

The very first thing you should do is call or email Gaydos Monument Company.

We will contact your cemetery directly to determine what restrictions, if any, they place on the type or size of memorial you may have, and the footer cost. (The footer is a concrete structure in the ground. Your memorial will be attached to it. It is typically poured by the cemetery to match the size of your memorial. The footer will limit movement of the monument.)

 Next we will help you select a color, shape, size, finish, and memorial design that is to your liking and within your budget. Please note that there are several common styles of granite monuments: dies and bases, slants (with and without bases), bevel markers, and flat markers.

More comprehensive information about each style can be obtained through their respective links to the left and our getting started guide. Gaydos Monument Company will handle all aspects of your memorial order: providing the granite, handling all of the design and engraving, etchings, etc., arranging the footer, and setting it in the cemetery.

 We welcome you to view the links to the left which will provide you with more images and information about the memorial designs, colors, styles, options, and more. You may also visit our showroom in Canonsburg, PA where we have over 200 memorials on display.