Granite Etchings

Granite Etchings are highly detailed photos or scenes that are etched in the polish surface of granite and are often used in monument designs.

One photo or several photos may be combined to create a personalized etching. Granite etchings are typically done on sheer black granite because it provides the best canvas for showcasing the etching.

Gaydos Monument Company uses only the finest black granite in the world for grave headstones, granite monuments, gravestone markers, and memorial monuments. By selecting the desired style from the drop down list you can view many of the different laser etching images available as well as some of our renowned hand etching work.

For more information and pricing for a granite etching that interests you, please contact Gaydos Monument Company with the item code.

Hand Etching

Granite hand etchings are done by an artist who uses a diamond-tipped electro-stylus and literally draws on the granite.

This technique allows more flexibility and artistic interpretation of one or several photographs to create a custom collage as a tribute to your loved one. Gaydos Monument Company employs one of the regions most talented hand etching artists who creates beautiful monument designs onto granite gravestone markers, memorial monuments, etc. Because of the time and labor involved, this hand-etching process is at a higher price point than the laser etching.

Laser Etching

Gaydos Monument can etch a treasured photo on to a memorial by using our in-house laser etching machine.  

This state-of-the-art computerized machine can replicate any photo precisely onto a granite monument up to four feet long.* The image is transferred to a robotic arm with a laser attached to it that goes back and forth across the face of the stone creating a detailed etching. * (Note that the quality of the photo determines the quality of the etching.)  

Editing, cropping or enlargements of photos and touch-ups can be provided by our art department.

By providing this service rather that outsourcing the laser etchings like most granite companies, we are able to save on production time and money, therefore we are able to pass on the savings to our clients.

See a Video of our Laser Etching Machine Below.