Gaydos Monument Company offers exquisite granite sculptures and carvings that can accompany or be recessed or otherwise incorporated with your monument design for your memorial monuments.

Gaydos Monument Company also takes pride in enhancing our sandblast designs with deep-shape roses and other flowers and shallow-shaping other natural features within a design, such as leaves, flowers, etc.

 Shaping is the hand process (using compressed air and sandblast abrasives) of giving sandblast design features a dimensional look so they appear more natural and life-like on the memorial monuments. A longer, deeper shaping process will eventually give the memorial design a beautiful carved or sculpted look. A shallow shaping process gives your sandblast design additional depth to enhance the beauty of your memorial design on your monument.

Gaydos Monument Company also has the capability to provide life-size sculptures of religious figures, people, animals, etc. in granite or marble for various applications in cemeteries, public, and private venues.


Sandblast Design


Within our Sandblast Design Catalogue, you will find many sample images of monument designs, symbols, etc. that can be engraved on a variety of memorial styles and shapes (such as granite monuments, bronze monuments, grave headstones, gravestone markers, and other memorial monuments).

 Sandblast Designs are also called engraved designs. Sandblasting involves the use of compressed air to force sand or some other abrasive at the granite at a high rate of speed.

This process allows us to engrave letters and designs in our granite memorials from monument design that you would like on your memorials.

Please choose a monument type and monument design style from the drop-down lists that interest you. You will be able to enlarge the thumbnail images of the sandblast designs and print them if you so desire. For more information and pricing of a particular monument design style, please contact us with the item code.

Also, you may click the Fonts PDF link to view the different fonts available for engraving.